Integrity Benefits Inc.
Solutions for Affordable Health Insurance Plans

With over 24 years experience in the health insurance industry, Integrity Benefits specializes in group medical plans while offering dental, disability, life, and retiree benefits . Our previous experience working for national insurance companies gives Integrity Benefits a distinct advantage over other agencies----We have the expertise and knowledge in this evolving industry to understand every aspect of serving our client’s needs.

Our Approach:

First, we discover what your needs are for you and your employees. We do a complete analysis of your company's employee demographics.

Second, we educate corportions on how a health insurance company operates. We explain, in simple terms, how the following factors affect your health plan benefits, coverage, and cost:

·         Network Discounts

·          Claims Paying Systems

·          Financial And Medical Underwriting

·          State And Federal Laws

·          Rx Rebates

·          Adverse Selection

·          Hospital Contract Structure

·          Loss Ratio Analysis

Third, we provide you with recommendations on plan designs based upon the needs analysis of your company and your employees. This will allow you to make an informed decision for your employee benefits.



For a free consultation, contact us by email or phone:

Office: (317) 573-0500

    FAX: (866) 385-5101

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